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Hi Starkpanda

These are your gifts for Jaegercon \0/ Hope you like them.

I got the idea for the shirt above before I got your answer to which char/kaiju/jaeger you like most and felt a bit stupid with having none of your favs on it so I’m also sending you an Iron-on-Print of Tacit Ronin (with instruction on how to apply it).

One of the things I liked about Pacific Rim is that people from all over the world are working together. And with Jaegercon people from all over the world are participating so I wanted to make something in the same spirit. So beside the “United We Stand” T-shirt I’m also sending you some Dutch food to share “my culture”. (I live in the Netherlands)

I’ll make the package ready when I have your shipping address and send it when is good for you. Really hope you like it ^^

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